First & Then

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Used for :

  • Gaining Instructional Vontrol
  • Reducing Problem Behavior
  • Extending Time on Task
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Product Description

The First/Then Board is based on the Premack Principle, which states that preferred behaviors can be used as rewards, or reinforcers, for less preferred behaviors, such as work/tasks. The “first” is a picture of a non-preferred activity and “then” is a picture of reinforcer. The child must do the “first” before getting access to whatever is “then”. Here, we kept the pictures general, so that you can use it for any activity.

This tool helps in reducing problem behavior as the child learns what is expected in order for reinforcer to be earned. The child learns to extend time on task through variable or fixed number of responses decided by the therapist/parent, which is also incorporated in this tool. Since it is a visual strategy, it is extremely useful for children who are non-verbal as well.



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